Tomo-Chan Is a Girl Season 2 Release Date: Navigating the End of An Era!

One of the best new anime of the 2023 Winter broadcast schedule has been Tomo-chan Is a Girl, but good things have to come to an end.

Tomo, Jun, Misuzu, and Carol—two of the best-supporting characters in recent memory—will be leaving the popular romantic comedy series that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide in just a few short hours.

Before the episode 13 finale, fans should be aware that Tomo-chan Is a Girl has not been renewed for a second season, and it appears highly unlikely that we will see a second date.

Tomo-Chan Is a Girl! Season 2 Release Date

tomo-chan is a girl season 2

As of my last knowledge update in 2023, there wasn’t any official announcement regarding a second season of Tomo-Chan Is a Girl. Keep in mind that release dates and announcements may have occurred since then.

To find the most recent and accurate information, I recommend checking official sources such as the anime’s official website, social media accounts, or reputable news sources for any updates on a second season. Additionally, you can look for announcements from the production studio or the streaming platforms that host the series.

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ToMo-Chan Is a Girl! Season 2 Doesn’t Have Any Chapters

tomo-chan is a girl season 2

Tomo-chan is a Girl!’s individual chapters were collected by Kodansha into eight tankobon volumes, each containing forty-five chapters. Before Volume 8 of the series, which was supposed to be released on September 12, 2019, Fumita Yanagida, the series’ original creator, gave a speech to fans on September 25, 2018, indicating that the eighth volume would be the series’ last.

The news was shared by Fumita on his official Twitter account, but he later removed it for unknown reasons. The news was also shared by former manga/anime translator Jenn O’Donnell on her official Twitter account, @JENTranslations.

It is highly unlikely that the series will continue because there isn’t any source material available for season 2. Tomo-chan’s main couple, like every other rom-com manga series, is a girl! Junichirou and Tomo finally came together after a protracted courtship, fulfilling the original purpose of the series.

Nonetheless, there are manga series where the plot carries on even after the main characters fall in love, such as Clannad, Itazura na Kiss, Love Hina, Nazo no Kanojo X, Bakemonogatari, and others. The show’s creator hasn’t, however, declared or hinted that the series will be renewed or that the plot will continue.

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Why Tomo-Chan Is a Girl Season 2 Sadly Looks Unlikely

tomo-chan is a girl season 2

As previously mentioned, Studio Lay-duce has not made any official announcement regarding Tomo-chan Is a Girl season 2, and regrettably, it doesn’t seem likely that the anime will be renewed for a second season.

The aforementioned pertains to the fact that contemporary anime renewals are generally contingent upon two primary factors: the broader franchise’s level of popularity and the accessibility of original manga or light novel series’ source material.

The anime version of Tomo-chan Is a Girl is clearly successful enough to support a second season; however, episode 13 will fully adapt the 51 chapters of the original manga.

The manga series began in April 2015 and ran for eight Tankobon volumes in total. Author Fumita Yanagida announced that the eighth issue would be the last, and as a result, the manga will conclude in September 2019. Furthermore, there has been no word from the mangaka regarding a renewal or any plans to carry on the plot.

“Jun finally confessed his feelings to Tomo at the Culture Festival, but now Tomo is worried about how this will change things between them,” the book’s synopsis for volume eight states. If dating Jun means jeopardizing their friendship, is it really worth it? All of Tomo-chan a Girl’s emotions and secrets are revealed in this last volume!

While there is a very slim chance that Lay-duce will create an original plot for season 2, fans should be aware that once an already finished manga has finished serialization, this is still very uncommon in the current anime industry.

Sadly, this implies that there won’t be enough original material for Tomo-chan Is a Girl season 2, so episode 13 will probably be the final time we see Tomo and Jun together.

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“Tomo-chan is a Girl,” a standout anime in the 2023 Winter lineup, bids farewell with its 13th episode, signaling the end of the beloved rom-com series. Unfortunately, no official announcement for Season 2 exists, and with the manga concluded, the slim chance of continuation leaves fans anticipating the final moments of Tomo and Jun’s story.

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