My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date and Exclusive Insights

One of the best seasons of My Hero Academia to date, it received widespread praise for how well it handled the significant Dark Deku and Paranormal Liberation War arcs. The seventh season, which will introduce a new character that was hinted at at the close of season six and possibly even start the Final War arc, is also much anticipated. This is all the information viewers, at least as of right now, should know about My Hero Academia’s seventh season.

My Hero Academia Season 7 Release Date

my hero academia season 7 release date

No, the official release date for season seven of My Hero Academia has not yet been disclosed. My Hero Academia seasons typically take a little over a year to produce, with the next season starting nearly a year after the previous one concludes. That would imply a release window of April 2024 at the latest, and probably a little later. It’s also challenging to predict how many episodes season 7 will include because the manga’s Final War storyline hasn’t been finished. It will probably have at least as many as the previous seasons, though season 7 may be prolonged if there isn’t enough material for a season 8.

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Latest News on My Hero Academia Season 7

my hero academia season 7 release date

On March 25, 2023, My Hero Academia’s seventh season was revealed, one day after the broadcast of the season’s last episode. There is currently no known release date for My Hero Academia season 7, as no information about it was disclosed beyond the fact that production had begun. Season 7 is expected to appear in late spring or early summer of 2024, based on historical trends, which indicate that it will take a year to a year and a half. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this is only conjecture, so fans would be better off waiting for an official announcement when the release date approaches.

The Characters of My Hero Academia Season 7

my hero academia season 7 release date

Naturally, season 7 will feature the return of all of the fans’ favorite pro heroes and students, many of whom will play major roles in the Final War. What matters most, though, is the debut of Star and Stripe, the new character who was introduced at the conclusion of season 6. America’s greatest hero, Star and Stripe, defied orders to travel to Japan and assist All Might, a hero of hers during his time in the United States. Star and Stripe possesses extraordinary power, enhanced by a quirk that grants her the ability to perform almost anything she can dream of. Will Star and Stripe’s help be sufficient to permanently defeat All for One and Shigaraki?

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Is There a Trailer for ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 7?

A teaser for the forthcoming season, which hinted at characters and events without giving away much about the plot, was released shortly after the Season 6 finale, which aired with series-high ratings. But we can anticipate that Season 7 will pick up where the last one left off. Along with his fellow 1-A students, all of the professional heroes, and the students of U.A. High, Midoriya is recovering. He also anticipates a potential massive showdown between All For One and the top American hero, “Star and Stripe.”


“My Hero Academia” Season 7, set to follow the acclaimed Dark Deku and Paranormal Liberation War arcs, was officially announced in March 2023 with no confirmed release date. Anticipated for late spring or early summer 2024, the season will introduce Star and Stripe, America’s powerful hero. The trailer hints at a significant showdown with All For One.

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