Brassic Season 6 Release Date Revealed: Mark Your Calendars for More Comedy!

It makes sense that fans are excitedly awaiting the release of Brassic season 6, given the show’s tremendous success in season 5.

As the group tried to make sense of Dylan’s (Damien Molony) disappearance, Season 5 carried on in the same lighthearted manner as Seasons 4 and 5, but with a slightly heavier tone.

Although Dylan was last seen in season 4 being bundled into the back of a car, the season finale is undoubtedly going to be quite powerful. Michelle Keegan has hinted at the finale before, saying that it is “typical Brassic.”

The show centers on Joe Gilgun’s character Vinnie and his pals in the made-up town of Hawley. With bipolar disorder, we follow Vinnie through his therapy sessions and more crazy experiences as he and his friends work multiple jobs to support themselves.

In addition to Keegan reprising her role as Erin, Gilgun, the show’s creator and star, plays Vinnie once more. The remaining cast members include newcomers Camille Cottin as Fiona Frank and Bhavna Limbachia as Meena.

Brassic Season 6 Release Date

brassic season 6 release date

Brassic season 6 is set to premiere in 2024. Filming began in mid-2023, and the show is expected to air on Sky Max in the UK and NOW TV internationally. Brassic is coming back for season 6 of the comedy series, despite a lot of rumors regarding its future.

Although the sixth season of the show is presently in production, there have been earlier rumors that it has been canceled, which would take effect after season 6. Following reports on The Mirror, Sky and Brassic’s executive producer, David Livingston, have responded to rumors claiming that some members of the cast felt it was “time to move on” from the show.

MailOnline was informed by a Sky representative that “Brassic has not been canceled.” Even now, the program is still among Sky’s top-performing original comedies. It is a firm favorite with our customers, having just launched its highly successful series five last week.

“A growing number of them continue to discover this award-winning series on demand and as it airs on Sky Max, Thursdays at 10 pm.” Livingston concurred, saying, “The show isn’t getting canceled. With a Christmas special and a sixth series in development, we recently released series five, and the ratings are through the roof.

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Brassic Season 6 Cast

brassic season 6 release date

The main cast of Brassic is expected to return for season 6, including:

Brassic Season 6 Plot

brassic season 6 release date

Brassic Season 6 is anticipated to continue where Season 5 ended, though the plot is currently unknown. Vinnie and the group were dealing with serious consequences in the fifth season finale due to their involvement with the dangerous McDonagh brothers and influential drug dealer Manolito.

Season 6 most likely will delve into Tom’s newfound fatherhood as well as the developing feelings between Vinnie and Erin.

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Last Season Recap

The fifth season of Brassic was an exciting ride, with the gang getting into all kinds of trouble. Cardi and Sugar launched a new company selling knockoff products, while Vinnie and Ash attempted to steal an expensive painting from a nearby museum. Ashley and Tommo also had their share of problems; Tom found out he had a daughter who was six years old.

The McDonagh brothers and Manolito ambushed Vinnie and the group, setting up a cliffhanger for the season’s finale. Fans can’t wait for season 6 to find out who survived the attack, even though it’s unclear now.


The eagerly anticipated Brassic Season 6, following the success of Season 5, is set to premiere in 2024. Rumors of cancellation were dispelled by Sky, affirming the show’s popularity. The main cast, including Joseph Gilgun and Michelle Keegan, is expected to return. While the plot remains unknown, Season 6 is likely to address the aftermath of Season 5’s intense finale.

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