Wolf Like Me Season 2 Uk Release Date Revealed: Get Ready for The Roar!

Wolf Like Me is a comedy-drama series on Stan and Peacock, created by Abe Forsythe. Adelaide, Australia is home to Gary and his daughter Emma in the television series. Gary and Emma are still coping with the trauma and grief that came with Emma’s mother Lisa’s death seven years ago. Emma and Mary, a reclusive advice columnist, hit it off right away, much to Gary’s surprise. Emma and Gary are unaware of Mary’s true identity as a werewolf, though.

Wolf Like Me Release Date

wolf like me season 2 release date uk

Wolf Like Me season 2 premieres on Thursday, October 19 on Peacock. All seven episodes of the season will be available to stream at that time, which is good news for those who like to binge-stream.

We don’t currently have release information for the new season in the UK. However, season 1 of the series is available on Prime Video.

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How Many Episodes Does Season 2 of Wolf Like Me Contain?

wolf like me season 2 release date uk

There are 7 episodes in Wolf Like Me Season 2.

It shows the development of Gary and Mary’s relationship. Mary’s pregnancy presents a fresh set of difficulties. Mary informs Gary that he can leave if he so chooses when a regular person enters their lives. The family is unsure if they should leave as the delivery date draws near and medical professionals and law enforcement get closer.

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Wolf Like Me Season 2 Cast

wolf like me season 2 release date uk

Isla Fisher and Josh Gad play Mary and Gary on the show, respectively, once more. Fisher has previously acted in shows like Wedding Crashers, Tag, Arrested Development, and The Great Gatsby in addition to being an executive producer on the show. She can also be heard in the Strays movie from 2023. Gad has acted in films including History of the World: Part II, Marshall, Beauty and the Beast, and The Wedding Ringer. He is audible in Strays as well.

Ariel Donoghue (High Life), Edgar Ramirez (Florida Man), Emma Lung (The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart), Anthony Taufa (Young Rock), and Honour Latukefu complete the season 2 cast.

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Wolf Like Me Season 2 Plot

wolf like me season 2 release date uk

“Mary (Isla Fisher) and Gary (Josh Gad) embark on a new chapter in their relationship in Wolf Like Me’s second season, taking on their greatest obstacle to date: pregnancy. Despite their best efforts, the two are unable to have a “normal” pregnancy because so many uncertainties surround them. Will the child they bear be a wolf or a human? How much longer can they conceal things from their relatives? Will they be haunted by what transpired in the outback? Furthermore, can Mary’s relationship with Anton (Edgar Ramirez), her former professor, survive the revelation of fresh secrets about Mary’s past?

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Trailer

The Official Season One Trailer Is Available Here. It appears that Mary and Gary Have to Deal with A Homicide Investigation in Addition to An Impending Baby. Watch the Video Down Below.

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