Unstoppable Scholarship Launches, Worth a Staggering 4 Crore!

Excellent opportunities for students who are looking for a scholarship program for their higher education. The Unstoppable Scholarship Program, run by Unstop, offers the chance to earn an Unstoppable Scholarship worth Rs. 4 Crore. The participant must take an online aptitude test with multiple choice questions to assess their critical thinking skills. The following are the exact details for the Unstoppable Scholarship Program:

Details for Unstoppable Scholarship worth Rs. 4 Crore : 

Quiz Mode – Online Aptitude Test

Salary: Rs 50,000 Per month

Timelines & Questions –

Assessment Window: Last date Oct 23, 11:59 PM IST

Assessment Duration: 30 Minutes

Total Questions to be answered: 20 Questions

You can attempt the assessment anytime between the provided assessment window.

Please ensure that you attempt the assessment in one sitting as once you start the assessment, the timer won’t stop.


Marking –

The accuracy of each participant’s answers will be used to determine their ranking.

If two participants score the same, the one who completes the evaluation in the shortest amount of time will be scored higher.

Important Instructions for Applying to the Unstoppable Scholarship Program –

Simply return to the opportunity page where you signed up to access the assessment.

If you’ve already registered, you’ll see an “Initiate Assessment” button in the appropriate round.

The assessment can only be taken by the person who completed the registration process. When registering a team, the team leader who registered the team is the only one who is qualified to take the exam.

You will be able to go over the questions again before advancing.

Each question must be answered, and responses, code, or solutions must be submitted separately.

During the assessment, the system will keep track of your answers, code, or solutions, as well as the time they were submitted, for each question.

While the evaluation is running, you can make modifications to your answers.

Any participant discovered participating in unfair activities will be disqualified from the challenge immediately.

Unstop and the opportunity organizer will make the final decisions on eligibility, authenticity, and final judgment.


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