URAM Scholarship Program: Micron India’s Pioneering Scholarship Program!

The organization established the URAM Scholarship Program 2023 to assist students pursuing careers in science and technology. This scholarship will provide engineering students from across India, including men, women, and individuals with disabilities, access to STEM career opportunities. Beneficiaries will receive financial assistance in order to continue their educations without being hindered by the financial challenges they are currently facing. Pertaining consideration will be extended to pupils who are fully or partially disabled.

The recipients of financial assistance will receive funds deposited directly into their bank accounts. Scholarship recipients are required to be enrolled in engineering courses or other courses as designated by the organization. This page contains additional details regarding the Uram scholarship program.

An Examination of The URAM Scholarship Program 2.0

The students will receive 80,000 Rupees from the URAM Scholarship Program in order to pursue their education at various universities in India. Those pursuing their education in engineering colleges will be eligible for financial assistance through the establishment of this scholarship program.

Students are now eligible to submit scholarship applications. Applications were accepted beginning on 10 August 2023 and will be accepted until 30 September 2023. The selected applicants will receive the financial aid deposited directly into their bank accounts. Marathon participation will be a prerequisite for receiving the scholarship. The announcement of the victors will occur on December 5, 2023.

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Regarding the University Research Alliance of Micron India

The University Research Alliance of Micron India provides numerous innovative memory and storage solutions to Indian enterprises. This technical organization exists to provide businesses with technical solutions and enable them to have a greater presence in the region. By concentrating on technology and leadership, the organization is able to furnish a pleasant working environment for both its staff and customers.

  • The organization establishes scholarship programs to assist financially disadvantaged students who are unable to pursue a quality education as a result of their financial constraints. At this time, students are able to complete the scholarship application form by visiting the organization’s official website and selecting the Apply Now icon.

Key Highlights of Micron Scholarship Program 2023

NameURAM Scholarship Program
Launched byMicron India’s University Research Alliance
ObjectiveProviding 80000 Rupees
BeneficiariesStudents from engineering college
Official sitehttps://uramscholarship.co.in/

Important Dates

The scholarship application form must be completed by students by the following specified deadlines:

Event NameURAM Scholarship Dates
Start Date of Application10th August 2023
Applications close30th September 2023
On-Campus ActivationSeptember 2023
Intimation to Shortlisted Candidates15th October 2023
Technical Assessments18th October and 21st October 2023
Innovation Challenge/Smartathon Briefing Session4th November 2023
Submission Date15th November 2023
Announcement of Scholarship Winners5th December 2023
Award CeremonyDecember 2023

Advantages of The URAM Micron University Scholarship

  • Financial aid will be made available to students who are unable to complete their engineering degrees in a comfortable manner, allowing them to continue their education.
  • Financial assistance will be accessible to female students, enabling them to successfully conclude their academic pursuits devoid of any obstacles or challenges.
  • Physically disabled students will have the opportunity to qualify for this esteemed scholarship program in an environment where they will be treated similarly to their non-disabled peers.
  • Human resource development is a significant issue in India, and this financial assistance program is intended to assist in resolving that issue.

The Aim of The URAM Scholarship Program

Financial aid in the form of scholarships may be utilized to assist with the payment of tuition, fees, textbooks, and additional educational costs. Students can reduce their reliance on student loans and graduate with less debt by being awarded scholarships. A number of initiatives aim to assist pupils who are in need of financial assistance. Obtaining one of the prestigious and highly competitive scholarships can improve a student’s resume and increase their prospects for future achievement. A scholarship can increase a student’s self-assurance, drive, and dedication to achieving their academic and professional objectives.

  • The scholarship program of the University Research Alliance of Micron India will enable students to further their education despite being unable to do so as a result of their present economic and financial circumstances. Ensuring equitable access to education for all students constitutes a primary objective of the organization.

Reward Specifics

Financial awards will, as is common knowledge, be a component of this scholarship; details regarding the awards can be found in the following recommendations:

  • Special scholarships for disabled individuals based on eligibility requirements
  • There are sixty scholarships offering subsistence assistance of up to $1,000 (equivalent to $80,000 INR).

Eligibility Requirements

The necessary eligibility criteria for applying for the scholarship are detailed in the following information:

  • Engineers (male and female) and individuals with disabilities in their third year of B.E./B.Tech (5th semester) and first year of M.Tech programs with courses in the EEE, CSE, and ECE domains.
  • B.E./B.Tech and M.Tech candidates are selected on the basis of their participation in Smartathon, genuine application submissions, CGPA, college recommendations, formative and technical assessments.
  • CGP requirements: 8.0 minimum (with exceptions for PwD candidates).
  • Applicants who are socioeconomically disadvantaged or experiencing economic hardships may be granted sufficient consideration if their annual family income is below 8 Lakhs.
  • Knowledge Engagement Evaluation

Documents Required

A list of particular documents, forms, or certificates must be submitted by the applicant as part of the application procedure. The precise documentation that is needed may differ based on the particular circumstances. The necessary documentation for the scholarship is detailed in the following recommendations:

  • Certificate of Income (If the annual family income is less than 5 Lakhs)
  • Recommendation letters from industry experts, professors, and department heads
  • Documents in Support of Academics, Extracurriculars, and Industry Experience, among Others
  • Student identification card
  • Semester-Wise/Consolidated Mark Sheets
  • Card Aadhar

The Number of Recipients of The URAM Scholarship 2.0

A limited number of bursaries will be awarded under this scholarship program; therefore, the following information will assist you in determining the precise quantity of awards:

  • The Uram scholarship for this academic year is limited to sixty recipients, according to the information posted on the official website.

Method of Selection for The URAM Scholarship 2023

The assessment of eligible candidates will be conducted by the selection committee, which will consider various factors such as socioeconomic status, research accomplishments, and co-curricular involvement. Please review the information provided below for specific details:

  • Academic Excellence: Grade Point Average, Participation in Workshops, Seminars, and Proficiency Courses; Inter-Institutional and Intra-Institutional Competitions; Accomplishments, Awards, and Honors.
  • Research and Co-Curricular Engagement: Contribution to research endeavors, scholarly articles, publications, proof-of-concepts, prototypes, innovations, disclosure, patents, and more.
  • The socio-economic status of the family will be taken into account as a criterion.
  • Evaluations & Selection: This will be determined by cognitive and technical assessments, academic performance, credentials submitted with applications, problem-solving skills, and design thinking abilities demonstrated through participation in innovation challenges and Smartathons.

Online Uram Scholarship Application

To be eligible for this prestigious scholarship program, students must adhere to the subsequent application progression:

  • Ensure that you are providing accurate information on the application.
  • Upon adhering to the instructions provided in this article, systematically upload all required documents in order to be officially enrolled for the scholarship opportunity.
  • Prior to proceeding, it is necessary for you to access the official Micron Scholarship website through the hyperlink provided.
  • The scholarship information-containing homepage will appear on your screen.
  • You Must Select the Option Labeled “Apply Now.”
  • A new page containing the application specifications will load.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly review the application’s specifics.
  • By descending, one will encounter the application form.

Fundamental Guidelines for The URAM Scholarship Application

Students are obligated to adhere to the subsequent guidelines to adequately complete the scholarship application form:

  • Only online scholarship applications will be accepted.
  • Specific fields that are denoted by an asterisk (*) are required.
  • You are limited to submitting a single scholarship application that accurately contains all the required information and documents as specified in the instructions.
  • Scholarship applications must adhere to the specified eligibility requirements.
  • Applicants must submit their registrar-apostilized Consolidated/Semester-by-Semester Mark Sheets, which have been furnished by their respective universities.
  • Applications submitted late or insufficient are not acceptable.
  1. The following documents are required in addition to the application form:
  2. Semester-By-Semester Consolidated GPA of 8 or Greater
  3. Student identification card
  4. Card Aadhaar
  5. Certificate of Income (Annual Family Income of Less Than 8 Lakhs)
  6. Genuine Certification
  7. Letters of recommendation from the Professor or HoD
  8. Certificate of Disability (If submitted under the PwD category)
  9. Passport-sized photograph (attested duplicates are not required).
  10. In the resume, It is not mandatory to have attested duplicates.
  • In the event that any errors are discovered during the application process, the applications may be declined.
  • The act of submitting the Application Form does not confer an eligibility guarantee for the scholarship.

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