Optical Illusion: Making 2 Squares by Removing 2 Matchsticks

Have you ever been baffled by an optical illusion that caught your attention? Here’s a thought-provoking one for you to consider: Is it possible to remove two matchsticks from an image and create two squares? Let’s investigate this perplexing puzzle piece by piece.

Understanding the Challenge

Optical Illusion: Making 2 Squares by Removing 2 Matchsticks

You are shown an image in this optical illusion that is composed of squares formed by matchstick arrangements. The task is to figure out a way to take out just two matchsticks so that you have two squares instead of the original configuration. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? Now let’s get started.
First, let’s examine the original picture. Usually, three matchstick-formed squares make up this design. Nine matchsticks are arranged in a 3×3 grid inside each square. This results in a configuration that starts with a total of 27 matchsticks.

Removing Two Matchsticks

Now comes the exciting part. To create 2 squares from this arrangement, you need to remove 2 matchsticks strategically. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Remove one matchstick from the center square. This means taking out the horizontal or vertical matchstick from the middle of that square.
  2. Next, remove one matchstick from any of the corner squares. You can choose any corner you like.


The Result

Optical Illusion: Making 2 Squares by Removing 2 Matchsticks

By removing these two matchsticks, you’ll notice something amazing. The three squares you initially had will transform into two squares! It’s like a magical optical illusion that plays tricks on your mind.

Understanding the Trick

The optical illusion works because our brains are wired to see patterns and shapes. We can manipulate the arrangement so that our brains perceive two squares instead of three by taking out individual matchsticks.

This and other optical illusions serve as fascinating reminders of the amazing ways in which our brains process visual data. It’s an enjoyable and demanding exercise that highlights perception’s power. So remember to try it the next time you come across a confusing optical illusion. Who knows what more mental tricks it can find

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