Australia Pension Increase 2024 – New Aged Pension Rates, Amount & Eligibility

The Federal Government of Australia’s Department of Social Service made a major announcement regarding the Australia Pension Increase 2024, which will have a profound effect on the lives of retirees and senior citizens all throughout the nation. The Australian Aged Pension Increase 2024 is the consequence of several causes, such as shifting governmental policy, economic expansion, and growing living expenses. An other factor influencing the Australia Pensions Increase Amount 2024 is the growing cost of living.

Seniors are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet as a result of the continuous increase in the price of necessities. The government has chosen to solve this problem by modifying the pension to ensure that pensioners can buy their essentials and keep up with inflation. The qualified Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about the Australian Pension Increase in 2024.

Australia Pension Increase 2024

Senior citizens are finding it harder and harder to satisfy their financial obligations as a result of the ongoing increases in the cost of necessities. In order to ensure that retirees can meet their fundamental necessities without experiencing financial strain, the government has chosen to tie pension changes to inflation rates. As a result, the Australian Government declared the 2024 Australia Pension Increase. The beneficiaries must meet the additional qualifying requirements listed in the article.

Australia Aged Pension Increase 2024

Scheme NameAustralia Pension Increase
Organized byDepartment of Social Service
Administered byFederal Government of Australia
Australia Aged Pension Increase 2024Announced Now

Australia Pensions Increase Eligibility 2024

Examine the topics below regarding the Australia Pensions Increase Eligibility 2024.

  • Receivers should reside in Australia for 10 years and out of that 5 years should be continuous ie., permanently living in Australia as a citizen or have a permanent residency visa of Australia presented by the Federal Government of Australia.
  • Receiver should be present in the country on the day the claim is submitted.
  • If the receiver is a widow in Australia when both she and her deceased partner were residents of Australia. Moreover, she must have resided in the country for a continuous period of 104 weeks prior to making the claim.
  • Recipient who is a widow can also be eligible when prior to reaching pension age, she was eligible to receive either Widow B Pension, Widow Allowance, or Partner Allowance.
  • For the eligibility the recipients go through two tests i.e. Assets Test and Income Test
  1. Assets Test: To qualify for an Australia Pension Increase 20204 as a single person, your assets must be below AU$ 301,750 (AU$ 543,750 if you don t own a house). If your assets fall below AU$ 667,500 (AU$ 909,500 without a home), you may still receive a partial Pension. For couples who own a house, their combined assets must be below AU$ 451,500 for a full Pension, or below AU$ 693,500 without a home. If your assets fall below AU$ 1,003,000 (AU$ 1,245,000 without a home), you may still be eligible for a part pension.
  2. Income Tests: Unmarried recipients earning less than AU$204 per year qualify for Australia Pension 2024. If their income is below AU$2,397.40 per year, they may still receive a partial Pension. Couples with a combined income below AU$3,666.80 per fortnight may be eligible for a partial-age pension. To receive the full age pension, their combined income must be below AU$360 per fortnight.

Australia Pensions Increase Amount 2024

Category Australia Pensions Increase Amount 2024
Single RecipientsCouple Recipients applying jointlyCouple recipients who are applying jointly and staying togetherCouple recipients who are applying jointly but staying separately
Energy Supplement$14.1$10.60$21.20$14
Maximum Basic Rate$1002.50$755.70$1511.40$1002.50
Maximum Pension Supplement$80.10$60.40$120.80$80.10

Australia Pension Increase Rate 2024

The Australia Pension was raised in 2024 based on age by the Department of Social Service, which is part of the Australian Federal Government. Please check the Australia Pension Increase Rate 2024 by referring to the table provided below.

Age of the RecipientsAustralia Pension Increase Rate 2024
Less than 65 Years of Age4%
65 years to 74 years age5%
75 years to 79 years age6%
80 years to 84 years age7%
85 years to 89 years age9%
90 years to 94 years age11%
More than 95 years age14%

FAQs On Australia Pension Increase 2024

What is the income limit for the Single receiver to be eligible for the Australia Pension Increase 2024?

AUS $204 is the maximum income required for the single recipient to qualify for the Australia Pension Increase in 2024.

What is the increase rate of Australia Pension of the recipients with age more than 95 years in 2024?

In 2024, the rate of rise for recipients of the Australia Pension who are above 95 years old is 14%.

What is the official website of the Australia Pension 2024?

The Australia Pension 2024 official website may be found at

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