Indian Statistical Institute Pune, a unit of ISI, is active in Application of statistics, operations research & other quantitative techniques to solve problems of the industry. The prime activities of ISI Pune are

Teaching, Training and Consulting in the field of:

  • Application of Statistics
  • Six Sigma
  • Management systems (ISO-9000, TS-16949, ISO-14000, Integrated management system)
  • Human resource development initiatives
  • Statistical services including survey, inculcate statistical thinking into an organization and the likes.

Our Objective

The major objectives of the ISI are:

to facilitate research and training of Statistics, to indulge in development of statistical theory and in application of statistical techniques – in the scenarios of planning at national level and in theoretical development of natural and social sciences, to participate in the process of data collection and analysis, to operate related projects in planning and improvement of efficiency of management and production.

The Sanskrit phrase भिन्नेष्वैक्यस्य दर्शणम् (Bhinneswaykyasya Darshanam), which literally means the philosophy of unity in diversity, is incorporated in the logo of the institute, and is motto of ISI.