Master Black Belt

This training of 12 days, will provide participants with in-depth understanding and develop leadership skills to independently lead initiative in their organization. MBB will be able to integrate to organizational vision, system and culture. He/She will be effective trainer and coach for Champions, Black-belts, Green-belts and Yellow belts. This program would consist of contact training and sample teaching sessions.


Certified Black belt who has successfully completed at least 3 project are eligible for the program. Completed projects have to be consolidated according to the Project Card format of ISI, Pune.

Certification Criteria:

Certification will be issued after:

  • Passing the test conducted on the last day with a score of >=80%
  • Presentation of one of the 3 projects to the panel members at the last day of program and having composite score >=80%.

For ISI Pune’s MBB Identity Card participants are expected to mentor at least 5 Black belt level projects and complete at least 100 hours of teaching for the Champion/ Black belts/Green belts/Yellow belts and get the endorsement from the sponsored Organisation within one year of MBB certification.

Certification Criteria:

  • Introduction- 1 days
  • DMAIC Refreshing- 3 days
  • Lean Six Sigma- 1 days
  • Design for Six Sigma- 3 days
  • Data Analytic- 3 days
  • Test- 1 day

Lean Six Sigma

This is a 5-Day supplement program for existing Project Leaders (Black-belts or Green belts). This training will augment the participants with necessary skills for identifying and leading LSS projects.


Certified Black belts or Green belts who have successfully completed atleast one Project using DMAIC methodology are eligible for the training.


Participants having passed the evaluation exam on the last day will be awarded Certificate. In case any candidate fails, he/ she will be awarded the certificate of participation.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC and DFSS
  • Understanding, Creating and Solving Activity Matrix
  • Learning about Value Stream Mapping and Mapping the Value Stream
  • Understanding different types of Waste and identifying Wastes in the Process
  • Demand Identification, Demand Scoping and Demand Pull
  • Design for Lean and Implementing Operational Principals
  • Flow Balancing and Cell Design
  • Learning Report Out methodology
  • Case studies of Japanese Management Tools

Design for Six Sigma Black-Belt (12 days)

Background :

Problem solving is not a good alternative to take Organisation to reach to its dream in a predictable manner. Many of the problems are not due to operational failure, but ill-conceived design. Good design should anticipate future problems which can be experience by the stakeholders coming to the life cycle of the product and design the product to prevent such failures. Regular problem solving approach like Six Sigma- DMAIC or LSS, conventional approaches do not have enough strength to attack to Design and Development problems.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is an approach which assembles host of design tools and methods to systematically convert ideas to good product or service or process design. There are more than 25 approaches of DFSS itself and that creates lot confusion. Hence, there is need to get clarity on the basic design process itself and take Six Sigma to upstream business process.

Who can benefit?

This program would be beneficial for Executives, Managers, Engineers, Scientists and Researchers working in area of Research and Development – R&D, Product Application and Engineering.


Training qualifying certificate by securing 70% marks in the test conducted on the last day of the course. Final Certificate will be issued after successful qualification in the test and completing one project. Till the candidate has attained all the above criteria for certification, he/ she will be awarded the certificate of participation of training.

Course Contents

  • Introduction of DFSS in the context of Six Sigma for an Organisation
  • Types of New product
  • Define Phase: Project charter, Multigeneration Process and Multigeneration Annual Plan, Risk Mitigation Plan, Feasibility study, Voice of the Stakeholders (VoS), Consolidation of VoS to External Requirements (ERs), Classification Stakeholders' requirements and Kano Model, Freeze External CTQ Dashboard
  • Measure Phase: QFD- 7 Layers, Design Scorebaord
  • Analyse Phase: Transfer functions, Simulation, DFX- Design for X Family, Axiomatic design, TRIZ, Pugh Matrix, FTA-Reliability Block Diagram- Reliability Estimation- Reliability Engg., Context of Design of Experiments, Tolerance design
  • Design Phase: Design levels, Control plans
  • Verify Phase: Installation & Commissioning, ECTQ Dashboard
  • Case studies
  • Conclusion and Roadmap

Data Analytic Programs

Yesteryears’ trend suggests that the analysis of data have been more in improving operational processes like manufacturing, service provision, quality control and the likes. Literatures of data analysis are also tuned with the orientation to serve the purpose of operational excellence focused towards more of internal processes in the entire business processes. However, every businessman knows how important are the external influences on their processes and available analytical ability hardly succeeded to address the external concerns. Due to this, decisions to tackle external influences are often taken on intuition and perceptions. Many of such decisions often went counterproductive.

Current practices of developing business analytic to gather business intelligence are more focused towards tabular analysis and data visualization and less of even basic data analysis and scientific data mining activities requiring good depth of univariate and multivariate statistical techniques. Already known conclusions and wishful conclusions are presented in visual graphs and charts in many of the routinely exercised business analytic reports using quite costly `customized’ software! Discover unknown information from the available data, predict future with accuracy, and manage the knowledge of external environment impacting your business is a few key deliverables of business analytic. ISI, Pune’s Data Analysts and Miners are here to support you to reach out to these deliverables..

Who can enrole ?

Manager and above who would need to extract information from data, they routinely encounter from the areas such as Retail, Banking, BPO, IT, Sales & Marketing, Supply chain, Strategic management etc. We strongly recommend the participants to come from Mathematical and statistical background with acquaintance of data analysis software such as Minitab, JMP, R, SAS etc.


Data Analyst Certificate and ID Card will be issued after successful completion of Content Test and a Test of Presentation skill with >=70% marks in the test conducted on the last day of the session.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Data Analytic,
  • Data Preparation
  • Visual Analytics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  • Classification (Regression, Logistic Regression, Tree-based modelling, ANN, SVM, Naïve Baye’s Classifier, Ensembling)
  • Clustering
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Case studies

Course Schedule

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

Training Mode(Online)
Date :20th Mar 2021 to 25th Apr 2021
Time :10:00 am to 04:00 pm
Batch Type :Saturday-Sunday

Six Sigma Programs

Executive Overview of Six Sigma : 2 Days for Top Management
Champion Program : 2 Days for Senior Management
Master black belt in Six Sigma : 12 Days for Cerified Blackbelts
Black belt - DMAIC : 10 Days for Managers and Engineers from any function
Green belt - DMAIC : 5 Days for Managers and Engineers from any function
Yellow belt : 2 Days for Managers, Engineers and Staff from any function
Lean Six Sigma : 5 Days for Managers and Engineers from any function
Design for Six Sigma - DFSS : 6 Days for R&D and Engineering Professionals

Data Analytic Programs

Executive Overview of Data Analytic : 1 Day for Top Management
Data Analytic Program : 6 Days for Senior/Middle Management
Data Analytic Program (Intensive) : 12 Days for Managers and Engineers from any function

Special Programs

Basic Seven Tools : 1 Day for Managers and Engineers from any function
New Seven Tools : 1 Day for Managers and Engineers from any function
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) : 1 Day for R&D Professionals from any function
Design of Experiments (DOE) : 2 Days for R&D, Engineering and Prductional Professionals from any function
Failure mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) : 1 Day for R&D, Engineering and Prductional Professionals from any function
And others as per industry/organization specific requirements
Statistical Process Control (SPC): 2 Days for Production and Quality Control Professionals
Measurement System Analysis : 2 Days for Production and Quality Control Professionals

Indian Statistical Institute, Pune.

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